Monday, January 31, 2011

Daily Dose

Today the devotional was about filling ourselves up with God and his love...not what we perceive as love.

I need to do a longer post...but I also need to post the update I've been promising for...a month. LOL

So...without further the next post.

Go to for the devotions I read daily (and sometimes blog about) I'll get back to this. I promise. It's on my list of things I know I need to do and will do.

So...what's on my mind?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ah...the ever inconsistant!

Good morning fair readers!

I'm trying to read every day and I have to be honest, my daily dose is really one of the only things I get to every day. I may not get it here, but I do get to reading it :)

Today was about marriage and not dwelling on the past. I'm not sure how many people that really applies to...but we'll see where God takes me.

Today's Title: What's the big deal about dwelling on the past?
Today's Scripture: Isaiah 43:18, 19a

In the devotion Melanie talks about hearing a radio program where a young bride talks about how much she can't understand what's happened in her marriage. She was disappointed and contemplating if she married the right guy, thinking about the guy that got away and ultimately sabotaging her marriage. 

I feel kind of like this goes hand in hand with one of the devos last week. Down farther in the devo she talks about how the young woman got what we all know was coming by calling in...people that agreed with her that her husband was not doing as he should be. That he was 'clueless' and that she was right to second guess her vows. What?!

What kind of message are we sending our kids? That when something doesn't go our way we just quit? That if we don't like the results we don't work harder or look for things that may need a change, we just blame others and cut and run. thank you!

The woman was more focused on what wasn't happening, how much better the other man was while dating...not looking at how to strengthen her marriage. I do agree that there are times when marriages just do not work. One person in the marriage works on it and the other does not...but I hardly believe that that is the norm. I think that we are training ourselves to give up far too easily. This young woman had only been married TWO YEARS!

We can not dwell on the things in the past because that means we are allowing our past to dictate our future. We need to learn from the past, not relive it. We need to focus on what's happening right now and what the future holds. Looking backwards and regretting one choice over another changes NOTHING. It perpetuates some of the worst feelings of inadequacy and not being fulfilled. It makes you feel worse. Your past helped shape your character in one way or another...that is what you should take from it...not a longing for things gone by.

That's the problem I see most. People just do not move on! Learn and live and let God do His thing!

(stepping off the soap box)

This is not something easy. It affects more than just married people. It's hard and it takes a divine hand to make it work and to help shape you in grand ways instead of destructive. will you be shaped? Where will you focus your energies? Ahead of you, or behind you?

Application Steps:
Speak words of blessing to your husband such as, “Our marriage keeps getting better. Thank you for being an awesome husband.” Tell your husband something specific that makes you thankful for him. For example, “Thank you for playing with the kids last night while I took a walk. That was a great break.”
Let your husband overhear you praising him to your kids or to friends.
Send him an email telling him you can’t wait to have some private time with him later that night.
In your prayers tell God how thankful you are for your marriage.

You can change these to fit your situation. I think these are all good ways to remind yourself of the blessing of marriage if you are married though :)

Have I gotten stuck in a damaging pattern of seeing what my marriage lacks instead of seeing the blessings?

When I’m with my friends, do we criticize and complain about our husbands and marriage? Or do we help each other look for and see the “good things” we have?

Do I need to get counseling to help me move beyond unresolved past hurts?



Thursday, January 20, 2011

Daily Dose - 1/18/11

Good afternoon!

Writing while waiting for B to get out of work. read the devo this morning through FaceBook (if you are doing he devo and have a FB, add Proverbs 31, I noticed my email updates were a little slow, so I started going to the FB page, where they upload the daily devo.)

Today's Subject: Do You Think I'm Beautiful?
Verse: Psalm 45:11 "The king is enthralled by your beauty..."

Melanie talks about how we, as women, are intimately tied to the need and want to feel beautiful. That it's something that is part of us from a very young age. Many times this want and need is overshadowed with other duties and other things. We end up telling ourselves to just give up! People tell you to stop, errands come up, you wake up just tell yourself that you will never get that need fulfilled so why try! We know this isn't true, but we convince ourselves. Melanie says, "I think what's more true is this: We don't want to be admired exclusively for our outer beauty, nor do we want it dismissed." We want it both ways...and we definitely want to feel beautiful. She's right when she says that what we really want is someone to see who we really are. The beauty on the outside as well as the beauty on the inside. The whole package!

She then does something very bold...she encourages us to embrace this want, this deep seeded need as something that makes us women. That it is the way God has made us...and that He is the one that fulfill that need.

He sees us in every aspect. To think of God, the creator looking at me and being enthralled by what makes me me...brings a tear to my eye. Remembering the attention I craved from my dad when I was a little girl...even now. How hurtful it can be when that isn't given...and then seeing God, my heavenly Father enthralled by me. He sees me in my room crocheting. He notices when I encourage B, when I help Seth with his homework. He also notices when I do more than run my fingers through my hair.

So why wouldn't I do all of this for the delight of my Father? He sees me and adores me. When setting my mind right, I think I need to look more to the fact that, even though I'm not perfect, I have a Father that looks on all I do and is not disappointed in my efforts but is enthralled by them.

You're about to get a double dose!

So, I started the blog for a day or so ago and never posted it (please read: I walked away, ate dinner and then passed out)

So, here's the dose for today and then I'll post the one from the other day.

Today's Title: Role Reversal
Today's Scripture: Matthew 12:30

Wendy speaks of being a control freak and that tendency expressing itself as trying to make her husband into the spiritual leader she thought he should be. Instead of being quiet and listening and watching God work, she thought she could make it happen.

At this point in the devo...I felt so convicted.

As I was reading, I was in the car with B...he was actually driving me to work this morning. I decided to use that time to read, as I totally feel it when I don't do my devo until late. I read through the information and then a huge knot of guilt twined itself in my throat.

Had I been doing the same thing? Trying to form B into what I thought he needed to be as a spiritual leader. I know that I try to encourage him in his strengths, but do I always just pray and get out of the way? Nope!

She also talks about the fact that she wasn't doing this just with her husband. That there were people that she felt she could work in their lives.

How often does this happen? We pray and then we set to work thinking that we can get it done. God is the ultimate worker. He works on people through us, not the other way around.

I'm thinking this may turn into something on a daily prayer list. That I will remember to listen to the Holy Spirit, to be quiet and wait for those alerts.

B is an amazing man...he puts up with me doesn't he? LOL Seriously though, he works hard, he has an amazing heart for sharing Christ and seeing God touch people's lives. Does he always do it in the most time efficient and societally correct way? No...but that's part of why I love him and changing those parts of him would change who God made him.

I don't want to change him, I want God to work in him. I don't want to change the people I know and love, I want Jesus fill me up so much, that they can't help but be touched by Him. I want the people I care about to be loved by me...not chastised.

So...are we in this together? Can we let go of the controls and step aside so that God can do His thing?

The scripture for today notes, if we're not working with Him, we're working against him...


Monday, January 17, 2011

Pause for warm tea

I do, in fact, immensely enjoy tea. I have found recently (in the colder climes of Fresno) that I really enjoy tea when it is JUST to the point of almost burning your tongue and hands as you enjoy it.

What brought this up? Well, as I sit here with the metal water bottle that B made my tea in this morning, I'm making hot tea again...only it's with really hot water. The feeling of the warm metal was delicious against my cold fingers. It was a bit hard to hold but my hands just could not let it go. I just picked it up to take the first sip and felt the slightly hot liquid melt on my tongue. It was amazing!

So, I'm a fan. Just thought I'd pause for a moment and encourage you to grab your favorite mug and indulge in some warm tea!


Daily Dose

Good morning!

Well, this is not from the phone, but I will keep trying to get that figured out so that I keep up to date daily with the daily dose.

Today's Devo: All of God's Girls Have Issues
Scripture: Romans 8:1

The devotion starts by talking about how Lysa has had great success when she stopped just trying to lose weight and realized that her physical issue was tied to a spiritual one. It's a great journey either way, but this revelation is something key to loving yourself.

When I read her words about how we all beat ourselves up for one this or another, it's easy to say, 'well, I don't do that all that often do I?"

Unfortunately, I do. I look in the mirror sometimes and can't stand what I see. Do I compare myself to other people? Not so much anymore...but I know the pain of it. I know the ache of just wanting to be in a different body for a while. It's a dangerous thought process that I think all women cycle through. Even the women that are 'happy' with the way they look. Pastor Dave did a talk on emotions, especially happiness a couple months ago and I find myself going back to this.

In it he talked about how happiness should not be what we base our opinion of what our life is. Happiness is an emotion, it can leave in and instant and it is really conditional. He said, and I agree, that we should base our lives on joy and seek to be joyful. Jesus said that he would complete our joy. To me, that makes joy very unconditional because no matter the circumstances, I know that Jesus has already made my joy complete, there's nothing more that I need to do for that...except be content. ;)

So with that swimming through my head I'm brought to the other part of the devotion. Lysa talks about how we beat ourselves up mentally. It's amazing to realize that I'm not the only one that does this. :) I beat myself up time and time again for not doing something the right way, not having it all together all the's a problem. Obviously, Lysa is talking a lot about the struggle with weight...but I see it stretching further than just that issue. It's everything.

Here, I think about the lesson that I taught yesterday. The words God gave me to speak to the lives of the kids at church and how, sometimes, I'm the worst and telling myself nice things. The lesson was on encouraging words. How saying nice things and building each other up brings us closer together. That as a church family, God wants that for us. He says that if one of us hurts, all of us do! So, we played a game where we wrote down encouraging words and then had to give them away. The kids has a blast, but in the end the point was that saying encouraging words brings us together, it makes us ONE. Can I say mean things to myself and be one with God? Can I truly be saying mean things to myself and be one with my husband? Or my church family? Or myself? The far reaches of what we say to ourselves hit me full force while reading the devotion today. It was like, 'You're nice to others, you build others up, but you can't do the same for yourself? I don't think that's what God wants for you M...'

Then the powerful words that Lysa has put into black (speaking of Jesus), 'He simply says, “Hey, I love you. I love you just how you are. But, I love you too much to leave you stuck in this. So, let’s work on it together. You can do this.” '

These words ripped through me. They came to the very heart of what I'm doing to myself. I beat myself down and am so hard on myself, demanding perfection and then being depressed when I fail...I'm not working with Jesus, I'm working against his loving spirit.

There's a song that starts, 'He is jealous for me..." Jesus loves me, He's jealous FOR me. The rest of the song goes into how we can't keep thinking about the afflictions of our lives when we're so surrounded by His grace and mercy. Am I truly letting them go and giving them to Jesus when I mentally beat myself up? Am I leaning fully on the strength of that mercy? No.

Application steps: Identify your shortcomings and instead of beating yourself up for them, spend some quiet time giving them to God.

Reflection: What went through my mind when I read, 'He simply says, “Hey, I love you. I love you just how you are. But, I love you too much to leave you stuck in this. So, let’s work on it together. You can do this.” ' Well, you guys have already read that ;)

What are your shortcomings? Are you working with Jesus and leaning on His grace? Or are you taking it away from Him to use against yourself?


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Catching up

Hello masses! LOL

Yes, I have been bad about posting my daily dose this week. I have read it, however, being with the work schedule, I need to figure out how to post about it. I'm not sure how the emailing posts works...but I will be trying it this week.

Keep an eye out. More to come on the new job :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Daily Dose

Written while I eat lunch. A break from the hectic day that I am swimming in. Don't get me wrong. I love what I'm doing, there's just a lot to it. Honestly, I'm thriving.

I failed a bit last week with getting the Friday Daily Dose done...I read the devo and reflected, but every time I went to write the blog or edit what I'd done...I got pulled away. I wonder ? :)

Todays Devotion: Weak Places, Strong Places
Today's Verse: Psalm 18:2a

This devotion is obviously about when we feel weak and those weak places in our lives. Lysa talks about how she hates her weak places and then asks some hard hitting questions about where our weaknesses are. She talks about the fact that God is our shield, in our weak times and strong times. That only He can give up the strengths that we need to get from one situation to the other.

God, I need that strength. I'm listening whole heartedly to that still small voice...and now I need that strength to be a 'yes' person. Dave talked about God wanting us to be willing to make the changes and do the things He has for us...just be willing, God will make it happen. Well, I need the strength to back up all the 'yes' :) I need to pour myself into everything...but first, I need to be poured into!

I do struggle in pretty much all the areas she mentions. We have financial issues, but we can now see the light. It gets easier as you start to really pay things down. I'm struggling a bit with my weight, not as much as I could be, I just HAVE to make sure I keep to the plan and the things I already said I would do. B was so very good last night, when I told him I wanted more salsa he said, "Do you require more salsa or do you just want it?" This totally made me just sit and think and my response ended up being, "Give me a minute to think." That's what I needed! :) Insecurity? Oh yes! That is me to a T...which makes no sense! I can be super secure...then the Devil is in my ear with so many doubts! Family dysfunction? Oh would not even believe if I TOLD you. It's my family though and I love them. I see all these places where I am weak and then I can follow up with the thoughts of where God has led me, where He has given me the strength and He gets it done. I have a HORRIBLE temper, most people have no clue about this, it's stinging and mean and when I get going it doesn't stop. Then I feel horrible...and usually it causes something bad to happen in response. God has been good in helping me with that too though. There have been a couple times when I just couldn't keep my temper...but generally it's ok now.

The application step: Register for Lysa's webcast...there's a link to sign up;)

Reflections: If God is really our shield, are you taking refuge in Him?
Man, that one hurts a bit to answer b/c I know I'm not always that good at this. I'm getting better at really just letting go once I've prayed for something...though there are times that I just pick it right back up again.

In the blog, Lysa suggests that today, you just take a moment to drink in the truth of the scripture. The Holy Spirit is interceding for you, praying for you and filling you. Take comfort and joy from that and just allow it for at least a moment today. I know I will! :)

So...what kind of shield do you use?


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Daily Dose

The post is going up late...but better late than never! lol

Today's title: Lonely In Families
Today's Verse: Psalm 68:6

Most of the devo today is about the very key word of 'lonely' in this verse. Marybeth points out that her footnote, well a lot of footnotes actually, say that 'lonely' in the Bible actually means 'solitary'. She goes on to reveal the new meaning that she has found in this verse: God puts us in areas that we are not comfortable in sometimes to grow us into something He thinks is infinitely more beautiful. (my words, not hers) She talks about how you may prefer to be solitary, but God's plan may thrust you into anything but. Marybeth has 6 kids and a husband! That is a lot of people all the time!

When reading this entry I find myself knowing exactly what she means. I feel like I'm always saying that the daily devotion convicts me or speaks to me...but I think that may be why God has answered my cry of, 'how do I become like the woman in Proverbs 31?!?!?' with the devotion from the site.

I know what it's like to want to just turn up the music and plow ahead. Just let me control it all from here in my little box and I'll be fine. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't so Type A it hurts sometimes. B has been amazing in getting me to really let go of needing to control so much. In my business life it can be a double edged sword. How much control is too much? It's very hard to want so much to be alone and working and really not have a choice but to do otherwise.

Am I even making sense? I think a lot of women (especially those with kids!) crave just to crawl away to a solitary place for a while and just get stuff done. I'm not a mom yet and I know the feeling! lol Seriously though, no matter how much we love our families and friends, I think every woman would like to juggle her life in a place of peace and quiet. God has different plans for us though.

This devotion really just brings an answer to a question I've heard myself say twice in the past three days. 'What am I supposed to be doing right now that I have been answered with 'read read read'? Well, I need to get back into my quiet place and really make it quiet place doesn't need to be about getting my list of things done needs to be just like Jesus...and this is going to really tie back to what I've said in two different Daily Doses...PRAY! Go to a solitary place (a lonely place) and talk to God. I think I'm getting the message a little clearer. And wouldn't you know, when I hold up all the reading and devotion commitments that I've made, I get A LOT more done? When I don't fill my day with useless internet browsing but actually work on the things that I have on my plate...I get them all done and have time left over! Wow!

So, I needed more solitary time that didn't revolve around my juggling but around my quality time with my Father! And He made time in the rest of my day. I hear a lot of people say that when they made time for God, He made time for them to get stuff I've done it!

It's freeing and also makes me feel a bit sheepish. I mean, the excuse that I just don't have time...really doesn't cut it for beans anymore ;)

So...when do you take your solitary time? How much time have you given to actually spending with your Father and His Word?


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Another fun filled day!

So, I'm sitting here, on the bed...thinking of what I have to do tomorrow and realizing that I still have not crochet since the last time I wrote here that I was going to.  Go me! LOL

I think putting my schedule in place will help, knowing B's schedule will really help...things to get done tomorrow and other things to schedule for another time:

Pictures with children and the Dino Pals
Measurements for Dino Pals
At least two more bows
List bows and flowers
Create pattern for T the Rex, Trix and Stag
Enter the rest of the Connection Group Reading to my calendar
Enter the rest of the New Testament Quest reading to my calendar
Read up on Real Estate
Organize my passwords for work
Label the box for Norma
Ship wedding dress and box for Norma

So, we'll see how all that goes in the next few days.

I'll see you guys on the next post with tomorrow's Daily Dose. Today I've quieted my mind and really read a lot of the Word. I think I'm starting to get a lot more perspective and get a lot more done :) Thanks God!

Now...the plan is for March...what do y'all think? LOL


Daily Dose

Good morning!

This is going to be a quick one as I have already gotten ready and to work today.

Today's devotion is titled : Keeping My New Year Resolution to Myself
Verse: 1 Kings 20:11

In the devotion Glynnis talks of how sometimes, by telling other people that we have a resolution, we take pleasure and have pride in that...instead of actually doing the work to complete it!

This speaks to me in such a different way. Last year, I resolved to drop a few pounds (I'll explain why I don't say 'lose weight' in a later blog sometime), I told my then fiance and probably my sister. Other than that, I didn't say anything to anyone. I just started eating better and getting up at the crack of dawn to get some physical stuff in. God was so good to me. I did well. I ate better and though I needed encouragement, I did get up every morning. I started to see results...and then I started to tell people. And that was when I started to struggle. I was trying to keep from eating any sort of sweets for at least 3 months...FAT CHANCE! I ended up making excuses.

I think we do the same thing with God sometimes. I'm reading in the New Testament with B (it's a church wide activity) I think I talked about this already, but in Mark 1, we see that Jesus goes and prays by himself. He doesn't tell anyone that he's going to go talk to God or anything like that. In fact, the verse talks about how Jesus did it while it was still dark! Man! And he was the SON OF GOD! If anyone should get a by for's HIM!

So, I want to be the woman God is calling me to be. Seek Him first, work diligently so that others see His glory and be so full of His love that others can't help but feel it.

Father, help me be like Christ. Help me to seek you quietly because it doesn't really matter how many people know, if I'm not doing it, that's between you and me. Help me to keep me accountable. Amen.

Work? Work!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

And the beat goes on!

Exciting things happening right now :)

I'm on my break here at Yager. Getting a lot done today though so I think it's been productive :)

Posting more of my items to Etsy, hopefully they'll start doing the slideshow thing on that little gadget down there :)

I'm getting really excited as I start to get things posted to the shop. I already have an ad with 3 new toys coming soon, lol. I did NOT; however, crochet this morning...what did I do? I went to sleep while reading my Bible! LOL yeah. Not going to get it done that way! I think I'll do some different holiday specific stuff. If I can figure out a heart design for a hat...maybe just a heart to stitch on. Some heart pot holders...little heart decorations. I'll figure something out. This will be the first year of actually having things up and going. I know I'll learn a lot. I need to scale down my pictures though. Etsy does not like them. LOL

So...what would you like to see me make? Any ideas just jumping out at you? Anything that you couldn't live without?

Let me know!


Daily Dose

Good morning! Yes, it is in fact 4:40 in the morning! :)

Though I haven't gotten the email with the devo for today, I do know what the subject is. (Thank you KLove for having Lisa as your fill in host for Lisa while she's gone :) )

Today the whole devotion is about craving. Do you crave Christ? I think as a Christian, we all know this feeling...we may not even know it!

How many times have I been doing something and reached for food when I wasn't really hungry? When I didn't really need to eat? Or how many times have I reached for the cinnamon gummies instead of the apple? It's a struggle. A lot of Lisa's talks are about losing weight, she's written a book and it's all about the right reasons behind weigh loss and setting your mind and soul right before deciding why you're doing something.

I think those principles speak volumes to those of us that have made a commitment to read more of the Bible, to spend more time in the Word or praying...and then fail. You're craving Christ, you're craving and then making excuses when life gets in the way instead of really setting Him first. Look at my days! We've seen me miss almost an entire week of blogging my Daily Dose b/c life got in the way. I still read it...but did I meditate on the things that God was speaking to me? Did I read through it and not take in a word b/c I was also going through the other 20 things I was going to be doing that day? I'm ashamed to admit that last one really...but I have to, because it's truth and God knows it already anyway.

I know I'm human...I just strive to be like Christ. I was doing the reading for church last night in Mark 1 (btw when I reference this now, it's that my church, The Quest, is trying to, as a church, read through just the New Testament in a year) and I came across the verse Mark 1:35, " Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed." (NIV) Jesus spent time with the Father...Christ talked to God alone. If I'm trying to be like Christ, isn't this thing one of the most important. Christ was fully God ...He was also fully man and in that, he prayed...early in the morning, alone.

So, the next time I reach for comfort, it'll be the Bible, I have plenty of reading to do :)

What's your crutch?


Monday, January 3, 2011

The store is active!

Yes, it has been a while! I have my first item up, to be followed by the dinos and finger puppets. I think I need to create areas of the store. I'm working on smelly stuffs to go along with the comfy stuff :)

Areas to work on:

Pandamonium - kids and colors
Serendipity - adult comfies
Sweet Maize - smelly fun

We'll see.

I need to put together my schedule for my day, especially at work....oh! What's that? I didn't really explain here that I have a new job and I love it? I see! Well, that is one of my new ventures! I am now an admin for a real estate company! Yes, I hear you. I know what you're thinking,

"M!! Real Estate?!!? In this economy?! You MUST be crazy! And...don't we remember what happened at WWA!? You were turned into the admin person and then POOF!"

Well, rest assured I went into this telling them that I wanted something TOTALLY stable. That I needed to have proof that they were going to be around for a long while. Well, my proof was that they are listing people and selling houses. They have buyers coming in left and right and are getting more and more properties going up daily. The business model is amazing and...AND...he's willing to pay for me to get my license. Which, really, only makes sense with the stuff that I handle in this job. It's really fun and interesting and it really is a perfect fit. God is good at that whole plan thing...much better than I! LOL

My day tomorrow should go something like this:

Get up and fix B lunch
Drive B to work (he has to be there by 4am)
Daily Dose
Daily reading (for connection group and church reading)
Work on lesson
Crochet something
Pack my lunch
Head to work (I'd list my day at work, but that could get lengthy!)
Home at 5ish
Work on lesson more
Crochet more
Cuddle my husband and go to SLEEP!

Sounds like a good day of getting stuff done to me! Lord, be in my day tomorrow and help me to use my time wisely! :)

Now, I am being beckoned to bed by a wonderful man...and I CAN NOT resist him! :)

I will see you tomorrow friends!


Daily Dose

It's a bit late in the day..but I'm here. I've eaten dinner, worked...and now to share some time on the subject of my devotion today.

The title was Honestly

Key verse: 1 Timothy 4:15

Most of this devotional is about food...eating. But it's also about seeking God and His will first. Instead of grabbing for that bag of M&Ms or the container of Jelly Beans...reach for your Bible, open up the pages that will really set you free. I've found that when I do this, I eat better. I'm filling myself up spiritually before even thinking about food. I think I need to schedule myself a little better. I've got so much that I want to do and I can get it done...I just need to spend my time on things that glorify Him...not me. I need to seek Him first and let the rest just fall into place like He wants them to.

If I were only better about doing this EVERY day. LOL As you've seen, I've gotten backed up on other things and not done this every day as I should...and I've had time. I know I have...when I sit down and look at what I've accomplished it's not's certainly not as much as I should have...and then I remember that I do need to rest...but in the right proportions.

Father, I need help. I need to set my schedule and life straighter than it's ever been. I need to stretch and grow in ways that I have neglected thus far. Make me strong in you...not just to beat the things that are holding me back, but to also provide the support you've called me to give. Amen

I'm also contemplating starting "Power of a Praying Wife" which is something that will happen a few pay checks down the road :)

On to talk about other excitements...this is not the place ;)