Monday, March 7, 2011

The Verse That Made Me Cringe - Lisa Turkhurst

Good morning readers!

Today I am working from home...and it is liberating! LOL

Today's Scripture: 1 Corinthians 6:19

This devotion is interesting because Lisa uses another story to demonstrate how serious God really is about His temple.

A lot of the time, especially as women, we become complacent in what our body, God's living temple, really is like. As a Christian, I'm convicted day in and day out for the choices I've made in what I"m eating. Don't get me wrong, I don't dwell on the past, I know that won't get me anywhere, but I do think on what I have and have not done. Do I eat like I should? Most of the time, yes...but I definitely don't make the best choices all the time.

I think of this morning and I know I've made good choices...then I look at this afternoon and think - oh my! I need to think on what I'm going to have for it's coming!

The story in Haggai that Lisa goes into talks about how God wanted them to take care of and build His home, but that the Jewish people had come out of Babylon and concerned themselves with their own homes and their own agendas first. This is me! I don't have time to work out today God, I am WAY too busy...right? Wrong! I know that I have time for everything God wants from me...I just choose to do the things that hold more sway (in my mind...sorta) I mean, all of God's plan should be what I concern myself with first and foremost. I'll make excuses for not having time for the mindless....

A lot of my church family are going to take part of a connection group called "Healthy For Life". It's a nutrition course more than anything, but it also talks about how to treat yourself. Yet another group of my church family are all doing P90X...I's crazy! But...when you think about it, they're really trying to care for God's temple.

So, I can make the choice to put more into the temple God has given me, because He has also given me His spirit to dwell in that temple. I can make a choice to also make time for God's wants in my day. Not just my own.

What choices are you going to make?

Friday, March 4, 2011


Not going to lie...I have spring fever! Bad! I want to go run around outside. I totally understand twitterpation! :) lol

Looking at the beautiful cherry blossom tree outside just makes me marvel. It had 4 blooms on it at the beginning of this week. Monday, when it was cold and gloomy. Today it is covered is light pink flowers and unfurling maroon leaves. It is just breath taking! It's a happy little tree in the parking lot...but it makes me want to go sit and read a book in the park. Makes me stop and look at the day and what I'm concentrating on.

Be and I finally have the computer set up in spare oom. It's pretty amazing. We got a lot done yesterday. Yager1 said to take yesterday off as B was off. It was nice. We slept in, ate nummy breakfast (made with Crisco, not worked! LOL So glad to get butter tonight :) ) We went through all our books and a lot of spare oom. That room will take a while to get all the way done. There is so much to that we need a futon. :) I can start working from home too...which is nice with the gas prices going up.

We're definitely excited to have our own space and spread out a little. I'll be grabbing the plants here shortly and we'll have mint in our tea in no time :)

I'll also have a space to study and do my daily dose, don't you worry :)

Need to work on my license and get that knocked out'll be good to have that done.

Are you ready for this change? I am. God is so good and has poured out so many blessings on us. I know we struggle and what not...but He has a plan and those struggles are part of the plan :)


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Goodness me...

So, I haven't posted in FOREVER!
I know I keep saying that I need to get better at this...and then I don't. I really need to make this something I do daily, if not more than once a day.

B and I have our own place now :) We moved this past weekend. It's definitely different. We have a lot of sorting to do. It's kind of crazy. The kitchen is pretty much done...we're moving onto the bedroom tonight :) We watched a movie last night and cuddled in the living room. We've been going since last week so it was nice to get a break...and really be the ones to say that we could! :) B is off work tomorrow so I think he'll be sorting more in spare oom. It's looking like it'll be a good bit of figuring out when it comes to what goes where in there. We have a lot of interests and though most of the gaming stuff will go in the living room, we still have first gen consoles that may be stored until we do a retro night or something.

It's interesting to really see how this step changes our relationship and how God is already using it to shape us and remind us of the things we need to work on daily.

We'll spare oom set up by the end of the weekend I think...and the internet is being turned on tomorrow. Some trepidation about that. We need to set up our Netflix account too. Need to go and change our address on everything, maybe B can swing by the post office tomorrow and file a forwarding card and then we can get through all the places that need to know.

So much to do. So incredibly blessed. So humbled. I need to stay that way and not count my chickens before they're hatched. It's not my own ability that has gotten me's God.