Thursday, February 2, 2012

Back in the saddle!

Alright! So, it's now February and the last post was January 11th (I checked :( ) It's a little bit of crazy realizing how often I don't get around to the important things.

Here we are, getting ready to start some new things. I'm going to ask for prayer in this blog. For those of you that read this and do not know me (which is probably most of my reading audience), we're going through an extreme time of change in our lives right now. Brian and I need the direction and loving guidance of our Father and we are asking our friends and family (and you that don't know us personally) to pray. We have some inklings as to what God wants for us, but we can't really be sure. :)

Also, I've got a list of blogs that I own you all on top of the Daily Dose that I need to get back on track with. That will start today after this post. Bear with me while I do all this :) I appreciate your reading my words and understand that this is a connection, a relationship between us :)

In our ladies group we have finished the one year (ok, for us it was more like year and a half) reading through the entire Bible. It was illuminating and such a complete blessing for me. The woman that I shared that journey with are amazing individuals and wonderful loving Sisters :) We're starting the Beth Moore study The Patriarchs. Just the intro video was amazing and gave me chills. Her passion for the women she's reaching is SO apparent. I'm looking forward to sharing this with the women I see on Tuesdays. Sisterhood is being built and women are being touched. LOVE IT!

So, back to it again. Thanks for sticking by. Enjoy the ride!