Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Two months...

And in that time...my son has started crawling, standing and walking assisted. Pray for me.

So, after two weeks of being sick and a week without a car (tl:dr - both axels gave out on the 99 on our way home at the beginning of this month.) I am finally back to being able to straighten up the apartment and sort of keep up with the kid. I say sort of because he's a tornado. 8 months of energy and smiles...and destruction. :) (He's currently yelling at me because he's rolled onto his back and doesn't feel like rolling himself over to sit up)

Don't worry, I tickled him and he was having none of it. Now he's crawling around on my bed attacking his toys.

I have plans to get the recipes I've been promising up. Plans...they're funny.

This year, I'll be taking you through some of the plans for Christmas presents. I'm taking a break from crochet (well, a little bit) and tapping into some of the other creative muscles I have. It should be interesting.

And during naps, hopefully I'll be in front of my computer doing my daily devotional with you guys. I miss getting it out there and possibly getting you all talking and in the Word.

So, here's to getting back on track. Even if the track my son is thinking about is the race track :)