Thursday, August 16, 2012

Back...been running crazy!

Well, let's see, the last time I posted anything (which doesn't count the drafts saved and waiting to be made in a real post) was honestly 6/18! Oi!

Since then we've had Quest Family Camp, B was out for two weekends at church and I've been trying to catch up on all the stuff I need to do for church.

I have a couple pictures to post of really tasty stuff, on you have you idea. BUT, that's not why I opened this screen this time.

I'm ranting. All I want is some cinnamon rolls. Is that so bad? B has the car, so running to the store is a no go. I'm a big fan of baking though, I even have the patience (sometimes) for dough to rise! So, I think to myself, "self, we'll just ask Google for a recipe." I have no milk in the fridge (shush, I have to go shopping, it just ran out)

I come to my computer, pop open a browser window and type in my magic words. Well, I found a couple that had no milk in them...but they had soy or almond milk. Not what I was thinking. I even found a page that had milk in every recipe when the top of the page noted my search criteria for NO MILK.

So, I'm going on an adventure, I will take pictures along the way for you. I am going to pop open the last remaining pre-made biscuits and roll and cinnamon my way to some rolls! We'll have to see about the topping.

I just wanted to rant for a bit. When I say no milk, I don't mean, "please suggest soy milk." I mean, "Show me a recipe that doesn't even have that listed as a line item.

I will return victorious...or very unhappy, but we'll go with the first one. I'm kind of starving right now...yes I know that cinnamon rolls are not a lunch item, however, I've been at this search for a while. I'll be bombarding you with posts shortly (with cinnamon rolls in hand!!!)