Friday, February 15, 2013


Today was plain Greek yogurt day.

I had pretty high hopes that this would be something I would absolutely love.

The first bite I was not impressed. This brand may be a little different than others, but it was the only one with a small size, otherwise I had to get the large tub. That didn't seem like a good idea not knowing if I would like it.

It has the consistency of sour cream, much thicker. I did one bite of plain. It was...almost tasteless, except for a tang and it dried out my tongue. So, I pulled out the brown sugar and vanilla (something I read online). But now I was back to almost the A's me protein to carb ratio as the vanilla from yesterday.

Was it worth it? This brand is more expensive and took me...quite a while to get through the same size container as yesterday. So, for me, unless I'm cooking with it, I will probably stick to the vanilla.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Trying new things...

Today, G and I tried Greek yogurt. It was vanilla and amazing! I had heard so many things about it....from taste and things you can do with it to how much better it is for you.

Well, I generally love yogurt. I stopped eating it because of the gestational diabetes. It has SO much sugar in it. The carbs are through the roof and the protein isn't all that great. I also kind of have an issue with the texture. Some brands are fine, but it's just...too...bleh.

Enter Greek yogurt. I did not start with the plain because...well, I was a little scared of what it might taste like. Let me tell you...I am loving it! The consistency is so much better and the kind we tried today has a great amount of protein even being sweetened.

I put on my brave face and picked up a small container of's on my list of snack foods for tomorrow. We shall see.

I need to catch up on all the Daily Dose drafts I have going. Expect a blast of a few entries tomorrow sometime. I may even try Greek yogurt pancakes tomorrow...we'll see.

Have you tried Greek? Did you like it?