Thursday, July 18, 2013

Needless to say...

I know, I said I was going to bed. And then two more posts. Forgive me.

So, I'm looking through other posts and realized that I hadn't said really much about 7 since I started.

I am torn to bits by this study. It really is just scooping out all the goopy things that I really don't want touched and replacing them with beautifulness. (Yep, I just typed that.)

7 is part of how God is messing me up over this THING that's been sitting in my heart for YEARS now. B can tell you, I talked about it on our first "date". Well, he may not remember. We talked about a lot of things...for over 8 hours. We had a lot of catching up to do. I was also kind of swooning. LOL


7 is amazing. I will more than willingly walk through it with anyone who wants to. It is...heart stopping, soul cleansing and powerful to really commit to.

This month is Stress. Oh no!


We're observing 7 moments of prayer. Pauses for my soul to drink in the ever present love of my Father. I have yet to do all 7 in one day. BUT...I'm working on it and I do see the amazing benefits.

30 minutes to the Vigil. So many people that need intercession, someone praying and sitting with Jesus for them. Tonight I think of Norma and Nanette. Two women that I love and adore deeply. Women that I have the privilege of calling my Sisters. I know that right now, the ocean is tumbling and they're just a couple tug boats hoping to make it back to the safety of a marina. Both with their own strong faith, still being tossed about.

I think the Vigil is my most connected prayer time. I haven't missed one yet, even with an infant. I can't help but feel the importance of this quiet and dark hour (even as the cars roar past my windows and my infant stirs in the night). Jesus went to lonely places to be with God and He WAS God. What does that tell me about the times and places I need to pray? So, I'll sit and read a Psalm. I'll pray for these two amazing Sisters and those that I do not know. The groups of children that are hungry tonight, those that do not know anything but fear in their innocent young lives. The women that protect their children from the anger of a father that does not know how else to act. I'll pray for the families going to bed hungrier than they should (as I pack away my leftovers ((I'm so sick of myself after 7, you have no idea)) and close the fridge) I'll pray for the people that are laying out in the night with no bed or roof (as I lay my head on a clean and fluffy pillow, in my comfortable bed ((see why I'm so sick of me?)) )I"ll pray for the men and women that have lost their oldest and truest friend, both to death and to Alzheimers (Lord, please show us the cure, please...)

 I'll pray for the blessings that God so desperately wants to give these people, I'll pray that they find the strength or someone with the strength to help them.

Join me for the midnight Vigil?



I am always incredibly amazed at the number of views my Daily Dose entries generate. I don't know if you are searching and somehow come across my blog or if you are searching them out, but I thank you.

God really smacks me around sometimes and...well...sharing that with others is what it's all about right? :) Enjoy!

Feeling some kind of way...

So. I have a lot of things going through my head right now.

We spent some good time with Tad, Stefani, Emma and Tyler earlier this evening. I'm so glad they were able to come up. See Little G. He's growing so fast.

I miss my Mom. Sorely lately. It becomes...hard to breathe. I just walk around and clean...distracting myself from what I'm really feeling.

TT is coming to visit with Little Mr. C at the end of August for Pop's birthday. I haven't seen her in...years. Like close to 10 probably. I can't wait to see her. I miss her. I think I miss how close we used to be.

B is working harder than ever. He's and amazing man and I love him. I realized the other night that I'm still having issues feeling like he's going to walk in one day and just leave. Even though I know that's not him or how he's how a lot of my main relationships have gone.

The XBox died. Tad brought his up to give to us. Plugged it ring. Boo. Hiss...

Obviously, this is all just the stuff in my head right now...

G is so blessed, we are so blessed. We have an abundance of clothes and toys for him that we keep being given. God provides.

I have an amazing little boy. He is so sweet. He sleeps (like right now, and what am I doing? Typing. -_-)

I don't know if I'm beating around the bush about something or not.

So. I have my heart and head. Something that's been there for a very long time. Something that God has put there that I need to do something with. I need to write it all out and let it take shape. I need people praying for it all and giving life to it. So, here comes another blog. Don't worry, I'll link here ;) bed. Little Man is going to want to eat soon.