Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A year goes by so fast

My sweet baby boy turned 1 this past Saturday. With so many mixed emotions that I can't express without my eyes leaking, I shared celebrating him on his day with my wonderful husband and many friends and family. We'll celebrate again next weekend in LA.

When did my squishy little baby turn into this squealing, giggling, independent little person. He has preferences on food, clothes, toys...the list goes on. I keep marveling at how big his fingers are, and melting everything he decides to hold my hand. He has the best little personality and freely gives hugs and kisses, although you have to be willing to get slobber all over your face. :)

I can not even comprehend how truly and utterly blessed I am to be his Mama. To have known his movements before he ever took his first breath of air. Knowing how he loved music even before he could hear it clearly.

*sigh* Sorry, just a bit nostalgic as my boy gets bigger and I learn more about who he is.