Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sparrows, tomatoes and school

Remembering for just a take a breath and be thankful.

There, that's better. not as havoc filled as I thought it would be. I have an exam to take...that I should be a lot more stressed about. I am not :) I have a lot of projects going on right now...and they're all coming together so nicely. Again, not stressed. It is amazing the burden that you give up when you fully depend on God to really get you through.

Yes, I am a recovering control freak...seriously, you guys have NO idea. Many people that read this *or don't* think I am the most easy going nicest person...really y'all? Talk to my sister...she'll let you know. She's known me her entire life and I can't believe she still talks to me. Truthfully, it's hard to live that part of my is such a big part of who I have always be in control of everything...that letting that go is...both freeing and TERRIFYING!

I digress. So, I click a video Dad posted of Bobby McFerrin *please stop now and look him up if you have no idea who I'm talking about, please...please?* Firstly, I could listen to Mr.McFerrin for HOURS. He is a musical genius *anyone reading that knows me, knows how tied to music I am* He has perfect pitch and such a mind for makes me shiver. This is not a video about Mr. McFerrin playing's from the World Science Festival. Go ahead, wait, I'll let you re-read that. Yes, Bobby McFerrin is at the World Science Festival with a panel of neuro-scientists...yes, I'm completely geeking out *if you really want to know, start a Math and Music discussion with me...and how they are connected to language*

It is amazing to me how happy this one video made me. I then start going to the famous YouTube to find me some cello to listen to while I study and work. I found...many pieces I could not stand. LOL So I'm a music snob too...remember, I'm working on all that ;) lol

I forgot how much I adore classical music...the joy a cello brings to my soul.

I know this is a rambly not so sense making entry...but in the end. I want to share that when you give things to God completely, the joy in life just comes bubbling up (we talked about this in connection group last night...interestingly enough)

What inspires you? What brings joy into your life?

I think I may see about joining a choir again. It's been too long....

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Caught in the whirlwind...

So, it's been forever and I haven't posted nearly what I should be. Making sure I take the time I need to be taking. Maybe I have too many excuses. I'm not sure at this point. Something I am sure about it that I need to get back to it. I know sometimes trying to have an organized framework for the day can be a bit much...but it helps in many departments of life.


What happens when you feel yourself cut off a bit from things? Do you promise yourself (yet again) that you'll just make the time for the things that you've been missing out on? I mean...when the day only has so many hours...which ones do you dedicate? Eh...this is sounding like a downer blog and it's really not meant to be. Just feeling like I'm kind of letting things slip and then saying I just didn't have enough time to not let that happen...w/e.

I am...beyond blessed at this point. I may feel kind of like crud...but it's not going to last forever. Drink more water and take a couple Ibuprofen and I'll be fine ;)

I actually wanted to talk today about the lessons I'm learning through working with the kids at church.

I think I need to do a quick update to get to that point though.

It's been a few weeks not since a couple BIG changes happened in our lives. To get you up to speed, Brian and I were waking up early most mornings to get him to his job at Joanns and I was working at the position in the Real Estate company...we had moved into our own place at the end of February and we were working our way toward plans for the future.

Brian and I were both working on our licenses and trying to get in family time....keeping busy. I took over the 0 to 5 groups in the kids' ministry at church. Loved getting it up and going, getting some organization in an area that had gotten some people to the point of giving up. A new breath into the areas.

About 5 or 6 weeks ago, Brian came to the conclusion that he was spending most of his week not going toward the goals he had put down and not doing what God was wanting him to do. We talked about it, we prayed about it and a couple days later...he put in his two weeks. We were both so at peace with the choice.

The day that was Brian's last at Joanns, also ended up being a two week notice for a very dear friend of ours from the kid's ministry. Through prayer and consideration, he was moving out of the ministry and the board and church asked us if we felt we were called to step in.

That brings you to today. We both work at Yager Realty now. Brian helps out with a lot of the marketing side while he finishes his classes for his license. We are the new directors of the kid's ministry (newborn to 6th grade) Working toward God's vision of this area of the church. How to make it a part of the church while still making it the kid's area. Now we have meetings and parents and all sorts of fun things :)

Now, we've been helping in the kid's ministry most of the year that we've been attending the Quest. So, we're used to the set up and having done the 0 - 5s for the past couple months, we're used to the needs of organization. What I'm finding more and more is that the lessons that are being taught to the kids in 0-5 and then k-6 are the same ones I need to hear over and over again. I have those secrets tied to my heart...but getting on the floor and playing with the kids to help them understand...helps me.

I have this problem you see...I'm an adult. I's sad.  I tend to try to organize things and control things. I make these lists and work through getting them done. It's a sad state of affairs sometimes. Working with the youngest of God's beloveds has really helped me get back to the basic truths of my love relationship with my Heavenly Father. Not only that...but it reminds me weekly how much God is waiting for me to fully rely on Him. This month for the 3-5s is about the fact that God always knows what's good for the K-6, it's all about grace...getting something you don't really deserve. How basic are those thoughts in our walk? How often do we forget it.

I'm working on being less of an adult...or maybe just getting rid of what most people think it means to be an adult. I still have responsibilities...but I need to rely fully on God's way of providing for me...because He will, no matter what. He takes care of the little birds flying around outside and thinks I am much more dear than them.

Seek first His kingdom.... ;)