Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

Well good...almost afternoon :)

Today is Father's Day here in The States. It used to be a day that held a lot of different feelings for me.

For a while, I didn't have the best relationship with my father, to the point that I told him in no uncertain terms NOT to come to my high school graduation. (Of course, being one half of the stubborn I received, he came anyway.) We didn't get along for a lot of reasons. I had a lot of anger and pain that I needed to deal with and forgive him for. I needed to just realize that he was my dad, and I needed to just love him for who he was, not who I wanted him to be.

During the time that I didn't get along with my dad, I still had Pop. My mom's father. He was and still is one of the most influential men in my life. I always knew he loved me. Hugs and kisses, sitting with me until I finished dinner (I used to eat VERY slowly, he'd grab his cross word and sit with me until I finished). Today is hard thinking of Pop though. For two reasons really. Pop is in LA, we live in Fresno. He also is in the first phases of Alzheimer's. Sometimes I know he remembers who I am. Sometimes...I know he doesn't. When he was holding Little G, I kept praying that he would remember it, even just a little bit. The smart, dry wit is still there, but rarely. He's still Pop, he's just...different. And that's hard for me to deal with. I put the family home videos in and watch them when we're visiting, because that is my Pop. The man that would always walk us out to the car, and stand on the curb waving until we couldn't see him anymore.

And now, I get to see my amazing husband celebrate his first Father's Day. :) It's amazing, really, how much more I find myself in love with this man. Currently he's cuddling during Little G's morning nap. He changes diapers, helps little man fall asleep, changes him into his clothes for the day, helps during bathtime and gives so many kisses and hugs...he's an amazing Father.

Today I think of all the blessings in my life given to me by my Heavenly Father. From the relationship I now have with Dad to the love that I was given by my Grandfather and Uncle. It's so important for kids to have guys in their lives. Both girls and boys. Both need their daddy.

Thank you Father, for the amazing men in my life. You have blessed me and care for me in ways that I know I don't deserve. Your faithful and unfailing love shows in all the relationships in my life and I could not thank you enough.

Happy Father's Day!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hi South Korea, Germany and Russia!

So, even if these aren't real people reading I thought I'd say hi to those visiting me from those countries. I've actually seen quite a few hits from here you go. Shout out to the cold north! :)

Daily Dose: A Better Way Than My Own - Van Walton

"The LORD will work out his plans for my life—for your faithful love, O LORD, endures forever. Don't abandon me, for you made me." Psalm 138:8 (NLT)

I'm pretty sure God pours himself into my issues like I pour water into a least 8 times a day :)

This morning B and I had a conversation about a few things that will mean a lot of change in our lives. ( I know, we had a baby and NOW we're talking change?) Being a bit apprehensive about change, he's a little distracted today at work. I'm also a little distracted and could feel his mood when he left. It wasn't a happy one.

What Van Walton writes about allowing God to plan our lives and stick to it really hits home today. We can both see that God is moving and we both know that He is in control, that doesn't change the feelings we have about what's going on..but maybe it makes them easier to deal with....or put aside?

Honestly, it's not so much that we're not in control, I'm dealing with that better and better's more the feelings of confusion and disappointment that are getting to me.

This verse though, really just trips me in my ranting and reminds me that it's not about other people, what they're doing or what they want me to's all on God and HIS plan. No other plan. I need to be still and just listen to what He says right? :) Easier said than done.

Father, I'm human and in so many ways I find myself sick over parts of the plan for my life. I can't even think about the number of knots I've worried over. Help me to remember that your plan is the one that I'm following, that no matter what other people say, or do, yours is the plan I'm following. That you are faithful and true to those that love and follow you. Thank you for where you are taking us :)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cookbook: Fruit Bars

These are so simple, it might be criminal. You can customize them endlessly as well. The trick is to keep equal portions, one third of it needs to be some sort of nut.

Here's the recipe.

1/3 Mission Figs
1/3 Raw Almond
1/3 Raisins

1. In food processor, finely chop all ingredients together.
2. Press out into cookie sheet lined with wax paper to desired thickness.
3. Refrigerate for at least one hour.
4. Cut into bars, store in sealed container with wax paper between bars.

Now, I don't note an amount, just 1/3. I used 4.5oz the first time because that's the amount of fig I had. You can also use dates, crasins, dried cherries, pineapple, mango, pecans, walnuts...the combinations are endless!

These are great snacks that contain a lot of good fat, fiber and (depending on the fruit) tons of minerals and vitamins. :)

Playing catch up...

Hello there! Thanks for hanging in the past few months while I sorted out being pregnant and having a newborn and then a squirmy wormy infant. (He's wiggling and staring at this toys as I type.)

So, prepare to be bombarded with a bunch of posts I should have made before he came and have been meaning to make since he came. Coming next? Fruit bars. Let me tell you...YUM!

As far as anything else, here are the updates.

Little Mr. Gideon Wheat decided to grace us with his presence on March 8th, though he really really really tried to make it the 7th. 8 pounds and 5 ounces and nearly 21 inches of sweet little boy fun! :) That's a whole different post (his birth story, which will be written here, sent to the email account I made for him and put up on FaceBook, just in case you miss it.) Needless to say, I've been fairly busy.

B and I resigned from doing the kids ministry at church. Though it was a VERY hard choice and something we prayed about for a few weeks, in the end, all the reasons and that Still Small Voice pointed in the same direction. We're still helping out with the kids where it's needed though, I don't think I'll ever be able to not be doing some sort of kids or youth ministry.

B is still working both jobs and planning to take his L2 exam in August, so that'll be interesting. We'll be heading in to a lot of study for him. I see him wearing the carrier while pacing and studying.

Still in the 7 book with the women at group, though I haven't been since the first time. :( It's a hard book to swallow and I'm being kicked in my crunchy hippie pants. (Yeah, don't ask) The book has not only put me up to getting us back on a cleaner eating plan, but also a cleaner spending and washing plan (what?). Today I washed my hair with baking soda *gasp* and conditioned it with vinegar *faint* Stay with me reader. My hair is so soft and smells amazing! I used some essential oils and MAN! I'm LOVING it. I did let my hair detox for a good two weeks though, so that might be why I've had the results I have. ;) (I just sniffed my hair). Today I also cleaned my face with a yummy smelling concoction that included honey and baking soda. My face feels great!

Along with the little man came diaper laundry! We are cloth diapering (I recommend this to anyone with a kid in diapers.) Before you get all, "I can't believe that!", "How do you handle the poop?!?!", "Are you hard up for money?" remember the crunchy hippie pants I mentioned earlier. Cloth diapering is much different from the times of pins and rubber pants (though you can still go that way if you like!). My little monster has the cutest butt :) And we're saving money monthly. Did I mention it's better for the earth? And I can use them through multiple kids? And I haven't had ONE rash or rash type issue? Yep, I'm loving my cloth. (Yes, they're my diapers, not his.)

I think that catches us up to now. So, on with the recipes...and cloth talk...and home made cleaning stuff. You're all in for it now! :)

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Cookbook - Oatmeal Bites

Hello amazing followers! Coming to you live from my living room floor where my munchkin has decided that sleeping during tummy time is acceptable...*sigh*

So, here I am, posting a delicious energy rush for you. The original recipe came from Pinterest, you know me, I have to mess with things.

Here you go:

1 cup uncooked oatmeal
1/2 cup dried fruit or dark chocolate chips
1/2 cup crunchy peanut butter (almond butter is also nice)
1/2 cup ground flax seed
1/3 cup raw honey
1 or 2 dashes of cinnamon

1.Combine dry ingredients
2. Add peanut butter and honey
3. Mix well
4. Place in fridge for one hour
5. Form into bite sized rounds.

Store in a cool place, I prefer the fridge. Enjoy!

Next up? Fruit bars!