Sunday, July 10, 2016

End of Day 6

Well, I'm still alive...and the 10 Day Shred isn't all that difficult. The hardest part for me is getting enough sleep each night. With two littles, a ramping up business, a hubby, other time commitments, and a home to keep...who has time?

I could be sleeping now, however, I thought I'd update here. 😊

The sleep I'm getting is amazing, my nails and hair are growing super strong, my skin is healthier, I have a lot more stamina and energy. Eating means I generally consume more than I think I need to, so I do have to keep a pretty close eye on amount of food. I'm seeing body changes as well. Others may not see them as mich, but I do.

My husband, son, and daughter are all asleep. 😊 I'm drinking just a bit more water then off to bed.

Jumping in with both feet!

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