Sunday, July 10, 2016

End of Day 6

Well, I'm still alive...and the 10 Day Shred isn't all that difficult. The hardest part for me is getting enough sleep each night. With two littles, a ramping up business, a hubby, other time commitments, and a home to keep...who has time?

I could be sleeping now, however, I thought I'd update here. 😊

The sleep I'm getting is amazing, my nails and hair are growing super strong, my skin is healthier, I have a lot more stamina and energy. Eating means I generally consume more than I think I need to, so I do have to keep a pretty close eye on amount of food. I'm seeing body changes as well. Others may not see them as mich, but I do.

My husband, son, and daughter are all asleep. 😊 I'm drinking just a bit more water then off to bed.

Jumping in with both feet!

Monday, July 4, 2016

An object in motion...workout plan!

Hey y'all hey!

So, we've been talking about this amazing #10DayShred I'm starting tomorrowm.

One of the main guidelines is activity every day. I like to have an idea of what will work in my daily life, so I'm letting y'all know what my activity plan is.

7 Minutes circuit workout (it's a free app, go get it!)
Walk with the kiddo

Chase my son around and do chores around the house

2 to 3 miles on the treadmill
7 Minutes circuit workout

That should get me to at least 30 minutes a day and hit a good cardio target. I'll be tracking steps for at least 10k a day!

I'm also adding the plank challenge from last year into this activity. Probably in the afternoon while little miss sleeps. 😊

So, what are you planning to get yourself active this week?